What is AAA Antibacterial Fabric?

Antibacterial silk wrap layer in the 80s modal by RunaMante

Antibacterial fabric as used in underwear is usually applied to the crotch area.  In the best form, it is a natural product that would be comfortable and safe to use against your private parts.  This product would be resistant to bacteria, and other specific microbes.

Some antibacterial fabrics include linen, merino wool, hemp, Mulberry silk, and fabrics that include traces of silver, copper, and graphene.

How Do Antibacterial Fabrics Work?

The antibacterial fabrics disrupt the bacteria in natural  ways.  They provide an extra layer of protection to supplement the man’s  healthy habits of cleanliness.  Testing has shown that material when treated with graphene kills colon bacillus, staphylococcus aureus, and candida albicans.  RunaMante has a product that includes graphene.

How Antibacterial Fabrics Can Help You?

Bacteria on your skin uses nutrients in your sweat to feed.  The combination of the bacteria feeding, and the breaking down of the sweat, results in odors.  So, the sweat itself does not smell.

To reduce the odor that is caused with the sweat, we can use special fabrics that can be attached to your underwear around the sweaty area.  The most common area of sweat is around the balls.  The attached fabrics stop the bacteria from breaking down the sweat.

Sweat Removal

The removal of the sweat itself from the skin is another step that can be taken.  The underwear from RunaMante not only includes a graphene enhanced antibacterial fabric, but the fabric itself is molded in a honeycomb like structure.  This traps the moisture and keeps it away from the skin, and away from bacteria.  antibacterial


Antibacterial fabrics are easier to maintain.  As there are minimal odors compared with synthetic fibers, and even cotton, the fabrics require less washing.  Unlike nylon moisture-wicking fabrics that are notorious for trapping odors, modal fabric has moisture-wicking properties, but, combined with the antibacterial layer around the crotch, will not have the strong odors.

Both of the styles of mens underwear offered by RunaMante are made from modal fabric, and both have antibacterial layers.  One has a graphene layer, and the other has a Mulbery silk layer.  Both products are super comfortable, and provide all of the benefits of cotton and polyester, without all of the negatives of those fabrics.

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  1. I’m looking for men’s underwear with the excellent fabrics you offer, but with the addition of 10% spandex for added support. Seems like older men would appreciate that. I didn’t notice that you mentioned spandex so i must assume your fabrics don’t include it?

    1. Thank you for an interest in our products. Our 80s Seamless is 92% Modal and 8% Spandex. Our 60s Open-Fly is 90% Modal and 10% Spandex.

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