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What is Graphene?

Nylon does not absorb moisture.  As such, when nylon is used in underwear, that underwear has an inherent flaw that kind of defeats the purpose of underwear, and that is to keep the area comfortable.  That is why natural fibers are used most prevalently.  But nylon is so cheap to produce, that it is cost effective to try to solve its inherent flaw.

The solution that some manufacturers have settled on is by using graphene.  This is a new high-tech fabric that has still not found its way into mainstream apparel, but we will see more and more of it in specialty products.  

Benefits of Graphene material

Graphene anti-bacterial Graphene, as the name suggests, is comprised of carbon atoms.  It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and about 200 times stronger than steel.  

  • It will absorb your body heat and keep you warm for as long as you wear it.
  • Graphene clothes promote healthiness because they’ll keep out bacteria.

But as we know, all new-tech is expensive.  This holds true for graphene as well. Since the manufacturing of nylon underwear is so inexpensive to begin with, adding a layer of graphene to the crotch area, still allows the manufacturer to be innovative in design, as well as profitable.
The technology allows manufacturers to provide customers with a fashionable and a lower cost alternative to natural fiber underwear

At RunaMante, we take pride in the fact that the use of our underwear helps keep the man healthy.  We include that extra layer of protection in each of our products.  Please visit our shop to purchase the style with graphene.

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