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Most frequent questions and answers

For those seeking support and separation in their underwear that is made from a fabric that is breathable, natural, moisture-wicking and that moves with your body, choose RunaMante. Please try us out!

We are aware that some customers fall in the middle of our size range; in this situation, it is recommended to size up for a looser fit or down for a tighter fit. Your build and whether or not your weight varies will affect how well RunaMante fits you. Keep to your typical underwear size if you have a trim, lean build with smaller butt and thinner thighs. You might find a size that fits you well if you’re on the broad side with larger thighs and butt. RunaMante should be snug but not too tight, feeling like a second skin and enabling the isolative pouch to do its supportive magic.  Size XL can stretch from about 36-40″ waist.  

If you have a pair of underwear that fits well, you can compare the sizes to the garment measurements below.  The 60s has more give to it. The 80s needs to be pretty close to the size of your current pair:

  • small –      34cm/ 13.39in
  • medium- 37cm/ 14.57in
  • large-        40cm/ 15.75in
  • x-large-    43cm/ 16.93in

**It is cm because that is what they use in foreign manufacturers

Yes, when you go up in sizes, the pouch size does expand significantly relative to the underwear. The pouch’s breadth doesn’t alter, though.

RunaMante was created out of necessity, which is the root of all creative ideas. The groin is the body’s hotter spot and might itch from heat, sweat, and friction. The soft, flexible, cradle-like pouch that isolates the lads from the inner thighs eliminates this annoyance and any sticky circumstances.

Returns & Exchanges

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First Pair Guarantee

Within the first 30 days of receiving your order, we will refund or replace your first pair, if you decide RunaMante is not the perfect style for you or believe one of our other types would fit you better. Because of this, we advise ordering just one pair when you first sample our products to determine whether RunaMante is the correct choice for you.


We can only accept unopened items for a refund or replacement after your first trial pair.

Return/Refund Policy for Orders Eligible for Free Shipping

We will refund you the full amount paid once the unopened items have been received and examined. 

RunaMante’s is 100% commited to product performance and quality. To protect against any flaws in the fabric, construction, finish, or workmanship, we provide a 6 month manufacturer warranty (this does not include stains from regular use or incidental damage i.e. cigarette burns). If a problem is discovered, we will gladly supply a replacement at no extra charge. Send a picture of the damaged area along with a brief description to [email protected]

Because of hygiene concerns, we have a rigorous return policy. A pair cannot be returned after it has been opened. Keep them and use them for another gift or donation as you see appropriate. Items can be returned unopened for a refund or replacement. We will send you a replacement pair once we get the original pair if you want to exchange an unopened pair for a different size or style. You need only return the original pair to us, and you’re good to go!


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Sorry we DO NOT ship internationally.

All US domestic orders are shipped via USPS. Sometimes they may delivered by Amazon couriers.

Typically, your order is mailed 1-2 business days after you place it. Contact our customer care at [email protected] if your order has not arrived after a week, and we will start working on finding a solution for you. During discounts, holidays, and pandemics, kindly allow an additional couple of days.

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