About Us

RunaMante is a small business started to provide the best most comfortable underwear for Men and also promote men’s health. We
are one of the best luxury underwear brands, offering high-quality boxers. Our underwear uses higher quality materials and upgraded options, but keeps the price the same. We hope to encourage more people to break away from their old cotton underwear, and try our natural modal underwear.

Our Story

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When we went for our vacation I was doing our laundry. When I took the clothes from dryer to put them on a rack and I felt something different from one of the pairs of underwear my husband had.

I felt one underwear was very very soft and smoother than the others. It was very light in weight so soft to touch even after the wash it didn’t have any wrinkles or folds. It remained super soft and the color was fresh, didn’t fade, and was looking brand new. Immediately I told my husband to buy the same product next time.

The other pairs of cotton underwear got very stiff and hard after washing the elastic got so rough and stiff like it can easily give rashes while wearing. So I asked my husband why this underwear is so different from the cotton ones. He explained to me about the material which was so super soft, remained smooth, and didn’t shrink while washing. It dried easily as the material was literally so good on skin.

He said it’s different because the quality and the fabric was different so I asked “what is that material” really I would like something with the same fabric for me too. He said that the fabric is modal which is different from cotton but is still natural. I told him that all his future underwear should be this type. He smiled and said “sweetie, this modal underwear is 3 times as costly as the cotton ones, that is why I only have the one.”

Why Runamante - The best most comfortable underwear for men?

My wife got me traveling down a rabbit hole of the costs of underwear. The ones that I had purchased were from a smaller brand. At the time, I felt that the smaller brands could offer the same quality as larger brands. I researched where the bigger brands got their products, and the costs that were involved in the products. I contacted their suppliers and got price quotes. It turns out that modal underwear was about 3 times as costly to make as was cotton underwear. Then, when you start adding the specialty pouches on the underwear, use special materials, the price goes up more. But we are trying to offer exceptional quality products at prices that are a little less. If we use 40s modal like other brands (instead of the 60s or 80s), our prices would be even less than the big guys.

Almost none of the other brands use an AAA antibacterial lining in the pouch like we do on our products (one has Graphene, and the other has Mulberry Silk). And, almost none of them offer the seamless option to their product line.  And as of writing this page, I have not seen any competitors publicly display the softness of the modal fabric that they are using.  Our 80s is Lenzing modal from the inventor of the material. And our 60s is way softer than other brands that use 40s or even 50s.

I hope you enjoy our brand. Thank you for shopping with us. If you have any questions, please use the contact page and we will be sure to get back with you.


We will keep to our vision of providing Men’s underwear made from modal materials.  We feel that it is the superior fabric for comfortable garments. It is moisture wicking, breathable, wrinkle resistant, and has many other positive properties that make it better than both cotton and nylon.  What differentiates us from other brands is we use the latest manufacturing options available for men’s underwear in style, comfort and health.

Our brand stands for more than just underwear. It’s a testament to the power of unity, shared dreams, and a commitment to comfort. We’re not just a company; we’re a husband and wife team who took a shared frustration and turned it into a solution for men everywhere.

We source the finest modal material, ensuring that each pair of our underwear is ethically made and incredibly comfortable. We’re proud to say that we’ve created a product that doesn’t compromise on quality, sustainability, or comfort.

But we’re not just creating underwear. We’re starting a comfort revolution. A revolution that challenges traditional notions of men’s underwear and puts comfort at the forefront. Because we believe that every man deserves to feel comfortable in his skin, and we won’t stop until that becomes a reality.

Join us in our mission. Experience the revolution of comfort.”