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As we strive to embrace sustainable alternatives in every aspect of life, the fashion industry is under scrutiny for its environmental footprint. One of the key factors in this is the type of fabric used in our clothing. Today, let’s discuss a groundbreaking study that could revolutionize the way we perceive men’s underwear.

80s modal underwear made with Lenzing modal

A new study published at blog by respected textile researcher to light the potential of modal, a semi-synthetic fabric, as a greener alternative to traditional cotton.

Pilling of cotton vs modal

The research meticulously compares the lifecycle of modal and cotton, considering factors such as:

– Water and energy usage
– Greenhouse gas emissions
– Waste generation

The verdict? Modal outshines cotton in all aspects.

– Modal requires less water and land to produce
– It emits fewer greenhouse gases
– Its closed-loop production process facilitates the recycling of water and process chemicals

80s Modal 92% modal fabric of the underwear by RunaMante

But the environmental benefits of modal extend beyond production:

– Modal’s superior durability ensures garments last longer, reducing the frequency of replacement and mitigating environmental impact
– At the end of its lifecycle, modal biodegrades under suitable conditions, reducing landfill waste and potential microplastic pollution

So, where can we find underwear made from this incredible fabric? Enter RunaMante.

grey 80s with logo - RunaMante

RunaMante is an online retail business specializing exclusively in men’s underwear made from modal fabric. They’ve turned scientific research into reality, offering a range of comfortable, durable, and, importantly, sustainable underwear. With RunaMante, you’re not only making an environmentally conscious choice, but you’re also opting for a premium underwear experience.

With RunaMante, you’re not just changing your underwear; you’re participating in a fashion revolution. By choosing modal over cotton, you’re contributing to a sustainable future. Visit RunaMante today and experience the difference yourself.

Change is coming to the textile industry, and businesses like RunaMante are leading the charge. So, the next time you’re shopping for underwear, remember the difference you could make. It’s more than just a fabric choice. It’s a choice for a sustainable future.

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